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June 2005

Gataga - Social bookmark search and exploration engine

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Gataga searches bookmarks from, blogmarks, blinklist, jots, spurl, furl, simpy and connotea


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I wrote a search engine last night. It indexes exactly 9 Web pages, fortunately all 9 are URLs into RSS search engines. You can search the entire Web in many different ways, one-click subscribe to the results and even get real-time email alerts on the results. I call it kbSearch. It's like A9 meets RSS.

April 2005

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URL Tagging, les concurrents de Blogmarks : Bag of urls,,, Feedmarker, Feed Me Links!, Flying Bookmarks, Frassle, Furl, Hyperlinkomatic, Jots, Linkroll, OpenBM, Scuttle, Searchfox, Simpy, Spurl, StumbleUpon, Tagsy, Unalog

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