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GateIn Portal - JBoss Community

"GateIn portal is a merge of two mature projects that have been around for a while, JBoss Portal and eXo Portal. It takes the best of both into a single new project. The aim is to provide both an intuitive portal to use as-is and a portal framework to build upon depending on your needs."



BPMS Watch » Gartner BPMS Quadrant Released

We did not make it because our revenues are less than $20M. According to such a criteria, a company like JBoss would not make it either. Go figure… Yet, I tend to believe that Gartner is not really supportive of Open Source in general

Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products, 2006

Through 2008, less than 10 percent of Global 1000 companies will deploy open-source portals at the enterprise level because of lack of compelling advantages in cost, support, functionality and finish (0.8 probability). However, Gartner does not expect this trend to continue indefinitely. The technology in Java-based horizontal OSS portals, such as that provided by JBoss (recently acquired by Red Hat), is maturing, and vendor-independent portal standards, such as JSR 168, are reducing concerns about vendor lock-in. Additionally, some large ISVs have continued to exploit OSS technology in their portals, highlighted by Sun Microsystems' new strategy of open sourcing its entire infrastructure stack, including its portal. Open-source portal solutions could pose a threat to large ISVs' traditional license sales. At the same time, open source provides large ISVs with opportunities to generate revenue from services supporting open-source initiatives.

Enter The JBoss Matrix

In October 2005, JBoss announced its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy and positioned the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS) as the Open Source Platform for SOA. In reality, JBoss was giving credit to its many customers already deploying enterprise SOA using JEMS in mission critical environments such as financial services, media and insurance. JBoss also presented its roadmap to expand JEMS to include an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to further ease the development and deployment of SOA to automate business processes and improve enterprise competitiveness.

Forrester Research: Red Hat Accelerates Its Middleware Strategy

Red Hat's acquisition of JBoss signals a more aggressive move into middleware and a new era of business maturity for open source software. This deal means that the industry is headed for a period of remarkable growth for open source, and it will be led by the JBoss Java middleware platform.

JBoss World 2005 : JBoss veut imposer JEMS dans les SOA - Actualités - Le Monde Informatique

Le moteur de règles Drools qui devrait début 2006 être rebaptisé Java Business Rules, rejoint ainsi JBoss. Et devrait être intégré au middleware-maison JEMS (JBoss Enterprise Middleware System - qui regroupe un serveur d'application, un portail et un moteur de gestion de processus métier).


Tooloverzicht: Grip op processen

The workflow tools are listed alphabetically within each category

Chapter 1. Introduction

JBoss jBPM is a flexible, extensible workflow management system. JBoss jBPM has an intuitive process language to express business processes graphically in terms of tasks, wait states for asynchronous communication, timers, automated actions,... To bind these operations together, JBoss jBPM has the most powerful and extensible control flow mechanism.

IT Manager's Journal | How JBoss simplifies BPM integration with jBPM

JBoss Inc., the company that produced the open source J2EE application server of the same name, announced in mid-October that it would adopt the jBPM open source workflow management application into its suite of offerings targeting the enterprise software market - The State of Workflow by Tom Baeyens

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I would like to point out that workflow management systems are at the very initial phase of the technology hype curve