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How to recreate Silverback’s parallax effect | Think Vitamin

Moving Sonic the Hedgehog to the right caused the foreground to move past the camera to the left faster than the background, creating a faux-3D view of Green Hill Zone. We can create a similar effect on a web page by fixing semi-transparent background images to different sides of the browser viewport, and at different horizontal percentage positions.


Stupid JavaScript Tricks: "3D" Panorama

Attempt to make a panorama using just JavaScript. It creates a series of div columns, and then puts copies of the image in each column. As you move your mouse across the image, it stretches the columns vertically along a sin curve to fake the 3D look


Canvascape - 3D walker

What you are seeing is a test using the new Canvas tag to demonstrate its capabilities. I am beginning a project to port 'Doom' to the common browser through javasScript.