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google-maps-icons - Project Hosting on Google Code

"Map icons collection is a pack of 600 free icons for your placemarks. You can put them manually in your Google Maps with the "My maps" feature, or automaticly with the Google Maps API. "



FavFeeder feed icon in Flickr favorites -

If you know a few Flickr users that have great favorites, it is pretty uneasy to check them on a daily (on weekly at least) basis. I don't know why Flickr doesn't provide RSS (and/or Atom) feeds for that yet, but Carlos Cardoso have made it available from outside thanks to its FavFeeder

Microformats Icons -- The brilliant work of Wolfgang Bartelme

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Make your own microformat icons and add them to the wiki with Wolfgang's excellent Icon DevKit. Contains both Photoshop and Illustrator vector content.


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