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January 2007

Natural Docs

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Natural Docs is an open-source, extensible, multi-language documentation generator. You document your code in a natural syntax that reads like plain English. Natural Docs then scans your code and builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.

May 2006

|► JAXFront - XML Forms and GUIs in Java and HTML ◄| - Generate User Interfaces

JAXFront is a technology to generate forms on multiple UI channels (Java Swing, HTML, PDF) on the basis of an XML schema. The dynamically generated GUIs allow the user a sophisticated way of editing XML data without being exposed to the underlying XML technology.

April 2006

Le blog de

PrimoPDF est une imprimante PDF : au lieu d'imprimer votre document sur du papier, elle le convertit en fichier .PDF, le procédé est classique et les outils gratuits de ce type nombreux. Celui-ci n'ajoute pas de watermark (image ou d'inscription publicitaire dans le document généré), gros avantage.

September 2005


wsdl2php is a very simple tool for PHP 5 to generate client code against a WSDL-file

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