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May 2008

KUMOON Homepage

Kumoon is a hybrid of a third person shooter and a puzzle game. Player controls a chick that tries to knock down boxes in various rooms by shooting them with a revolver, shotgun or a bazooka

February 2008

Frozen-Bubble for Mac OS X

Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game. User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Whenever this is accomplished these bubbles go away. The purpose of the g

April 2007

Brian Stucki » Remote Say

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It is very fun to see what people choose to ask computers. It’s equally fun to see reactions to the Mac response.

December 2006

Ambrosia Software, Inc. -- games/SketchFighter 4000 alpha

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Remember those super-cool space ships you doodled on graph paper in Middle School? Pen strokes furiously waging massive intergalactic battles in History class with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance? Well they have sprung to life in SketchFighter 4000 Alpha!