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DOS on Dope: The last MVC web framework you'll ever need

"If you can't trust public visitors from the internet, who can you trust? Executing user input as commands inside the operating system is the most direct way to get things done, and that's what matters most. Isn't it?"


ASP.NET MVC Framework - ScottGu's Blog

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One of the things that many people have asked for over the years with ASP.NET is built-in support for developing web applications using a model-view-controller (MVC) based architecture.



Frameworks PHP : Symfony, inachevé ? - Blog - Veille - Clever Age

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Notre objectif n’est pas de faire la critique absolue de Symfony, mais bien plutôt de mettre le doigt "là où ça fait mal", afin de contribuer à l’amélioration de ce formidable outil qui arrive très bientôt en 1.0 ! Et vérifier un vieil adage, par la même occasion : "qui aime bien châtie bien" !


Never Dreamt Before: Which is A Best One?

I still wondering which one MVC framework projects I should be uses? Or I must be waiting for Zend Framework.