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Uniform - Sexy forms with jQuery

"Have you ever wished you could style checkboxes, drop down menus, radio buttons, and file upload inputs? Ever wished you could control the look and feel of your form elements between all browsers?"


Ergonomie - Ergonomie : le moindre détail compte toujours - blog ecommerce du capitaine commerce -

"C’est tout bête, mais je suis certain qu’aucun expert n’aurait pu voir ce « défaut » (à moins de l’avoir déjà rencontré)."


Wheel 2.0: Jason Huck’s Devblog | jQuery Combo Select Redux

I have automated the process of transforming a normal multiselect input element into a comboselect with the (aptly named) comboselect plugin.


NiceJForms by Lucian Lature

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NiceJForms represents a solution to get form elements with beautiful shapes using custom design, which utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery

Orbeon Forms User Guide - Welcome

Orbeon Forms is an open source forms solution that handles the complexity of forms typical of the enterprise or government. It is brought to standard web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera) thanks to Ajax technology, with no need for client-side software or plugins. Orbeon Forms allows you to build fully interactive forms with features that include as-you-type validation, optional and repeated sections, always up-to-date error summaries, PDF output, full internationalization, and controls like auto-completion, tabs, dialogs, trees and menus.

digitalBush » Masked Input Plugin

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This is a masked input plugin for jQuery. Currently this is a alpha release. A mask is defined by a format made up of mask and wildcard characters. Any character not in the wildcard character list below is considered a mask character.

2006 jQuery date picker

This jQuery plugin allows you to easily add “date picker” calendars to you HTML forms. These calendars make it much quicker, easier and less error prone for people to input certain types of dates

chris erwin dot com - CRIR: Checkbox Radio Input Replacement

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This combination of JavaScript and CSS will hide checkbox and radio inputs that have a class = "crirHiddenJS", an id, and a proper label tag. This will allow you to style the label however you wish using CSS, and the actual input control will be hidden. The form will still collect data as it normally would because the label itself will trigger the hidden input control. If javascript is disabled no inputs will be hidden and the form is still be fully functional.

Orbeon - Form-based Web Applications Done the Right Way

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Orbeon PresentationServer is an open source platform that uses standard XForms to make your form-based web applications more user-friendly and simpler to create. OPS is built around a user-friendly Ajax-based XForms engine, which brings standard W3C XForms to mainstream browsers, and the XPL engine, a mature, high-performance XML pipeline engine for processing XML data.

Arbre de décision Microsoft InfoPath 2003 : comparaison des formulaires InfoPath avec d'autres solutions Microsoft

Cet article explique comment déterminer le produit ou la technologie Microsoft à utiliser pour créer des solutions clientes de gestion des informations. Il décrit le rôle joué par InfoPath 2003 de Microsoft Office en relation avec Microsoft Windows Forms et Web Forms ainsi qu'avec les documents dynamiques de Microsoft Office Word 2003 et de Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Guide d'évaluation de Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003

InfoPath a été conçu pour rationaliser le processus de collecte des informations et faciliter leur réutilisation dans l'entreprise. InfoPath est le "premier client intelligent" des services Web, une application conviviale permettant aux utilisateurs d'exploiter les services Web pour accéder aux informations de l'entreprise.

Logiciel de Workflow | Présentation | Solution de Workflow Web, Logiciel de dématérialisation des formulaires et automatisation des procédures, Logiciel de Workflow sans programmation

Le logiciel de workflow Web WorkflowGen vous offre un moyen simple et rapide de traiter la mise en ligne des formulaires (eForm) et des processus associés à leur traitement (Workflow).

|► JAXFront - XML Forms and GUIs in Java and HTML ◄| - Generate User Interfaces

JAXFront is a technology to generate forms on multiple UI channels (Java Swing, HTML, PDF) on the basis of an XML schema. The dynamically generated GUIs allow the user a sophisticated way of editing XML data without being exposed to the underlying XML technology.


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