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Canon 5D Mark II and 24p

"the conversion from 30p to 24p “technically” works for the 5D2, the resulting video can show (what appears to be) “stutter” in smooth pans, and also frame blending."



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Un spectacle très très original à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte, cliquez vite et laissez-vous porter !


Griffin Brown Weblog - 10 reasons to model XML with RELAX NG , not W3C XML Schema

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There are lots of individual bits of information on why RELAX NG should be preferred all over the web. Here is an attempt to condense some of the key information into ten points …

InfoWorker Solutions: SOA: Canonical "Data" Model

An important topic when designing service oriented systems is how to enable different services to share semantics to be able to be composed into working solutions

ODF recule aux Etats-Unis, IBM reste serein - Actualités Architecture logicielle - Le Monde Informatique

Les Etats américains traînent les pieds à transcrire dans leur législation l'adoption du standard ODF. Un lobbying appuyé, de lentes procédures et une complexité technique sont pointés du doigt. Pour IBM, la réponse est davantage dans la nature d


Comparing XML office document formats: HTML, ODF, WordML, FO, Word2007 - O'Reilly XML Blog

People want to know how easy it is to convert from the kind of XML they generate into other purposes. So I loaded a simple HTML file with headings, paragraph, table and list and converted it to various office XML(ish) formats: HTML (through Word 2000), WordML (through Word 2003), pre-standard ODF (SWT, through Open Office 2.0.2), ODF (through Open Office 2.0.2), as XML from the Office 2007 beta, and to XSL-FO using HTML2FO.

MediaCoder - The universal audio/video transcoder

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MediaCoder is a free universal audio/video batch transcoder, putting together lots of excellent audio/video codecs and tools from the open source community into an all-in-one solution, capable of transcoding among different audio/video formats with many extra features.


QuirksBlog: The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?

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wondering about the "ideal" output format for the AJAX response. Once you've succesfully fired an AJAX request, what sort of response should the server give? An XML document? An HTML snippet? A JSON string which is converted to a JavaScript object? Or something else?

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