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Flickr profile to FOAF

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This service extracts metadata from Flickr's profile page, and generates FOAF description.


Connecting Social Content Services using FOAF, RDF and REST

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A growing number of "social content" applications such as Flickr,, audioscrobbler, and AllConsuming are making open web services part of their core offering to end users. These interfaces allow users to query, share, and manipulate the data managed on their behalf by these social content applications.

FOAF - Laurent Denis

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Quelques tests de rendu d'un document FOAF (donc au format RDF) dans les navigateurs graphiques, en jonglant avec le type MIME et en utilisant CSS et XSLT côté client.

FING : FOAF, la première brique du Web sémantique ?

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Une petite introduction à FOAF (Friend of a Friend), en français.

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