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Flickr Store - ZZZ

"Dans cette série d’articles nous allons écrire en PHP un utilitaire pour exploiter le site Flickr en ligne de commande. Il devra permettre notamment d’utiliser Flickr comme sauvegarde de toutes les photos disponibles sur notre ordinateur."


YouTube - DjangoCon 2008 Keynote: Cal Henderson

Cal Henderson, fondateur de Flickr, présente ses techniques d'optimisation de plateforme

flogr - Google Code

Flogr is a photoblog application for flickr that let's you display your flickr photos (including EXIF data), sets, tags, comments, and slideshows on your website through the customizable flogr interface.

Comment bien gérer la montée en charge d’une application web ? | Simple Entrepreneur

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Voici quelques pistes qui seront particulièrement utiles à ceux qui développent une application dans un environnement LAMP (Linux, Apache, Php et MySql) ou RoR (Ruby On Rails). Il s’agit en fait des retours d’expérience de sites comme Flickr, Digg


Zend Framework

Zend_Service_Flickr est une API simple pour utiliser le service Wev REST de Flick. Pour pouvoir utiliser lew services Web Flickr, vous devez avoir une clé d'utilisation de l'API.


:: Design for a better internet :: Open Source by Ted Forbes ::

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Satellite™ is an online application for displaying a gallery of images remotely from your account. It can be used as an off the shelf website that uses the Flickr API to make calls to your Flickr account so you can take full advantage of Flickr's Organizr and keyword capabilities which are then mirrored on your personal site.

FlickrViewer Download

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FlickrViewer allows you to view a Flickr photo set in SimpleViewer. SimpleViewer is a popular flash photo viewing tool, so FlickrViewer allows you to load photos from one of your flickr photo sets into this.

phpFlickr » phpFlickr 1.5.2 released

I've just put up version 1.5.2 of my class up on SourceForge. This version fixes a minor bug in contacts_getList() and contacts_getPublicList. It also adds the new privacy_filter argument to photosets_getPhotos. If neither of these affects you, there isn't much reason to update.

Du Flickr dans Spip - Roudoublog

Petit bilan à propos de ma tentative d'exploiter l'api de flickr depuis les squelettes de Spip


24 ways: Edit-in-Place with Ajax

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Anyone who’s used Flickr to publish their photos will be familiar with the edit-in-place system used for quickly amending titles and descriptions on photographs. Hovering over an item turns its background yellow to indicate it is editable. A simple click loads the text into an edit box, right there on the page.

Flickr API Fun - Rasmus' Toys Page

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This entry will focus on my PHP wrapper for the Flickr API. It is based on Cal's version and is compatible with it, but it expands on it and puts some PHP 5.1 features to good use. CVS Repository - markup - cvs: phlickr/phlickr/Tools/FavoriteDesktop.php

This script grabs a random Favorite photo from a Flickr account and saves it as the Windows desktop background image.


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Oberkampf beta is a set of a php tools that will allow you to paste certain functions into your files that result in some form of flickr result and display. You are probably here because you want some sort of custom gallery on your website that runs off your account. If you don't want a gallery you can also come take a look. Oberkampf has many different functions you can jam on. Oberkampf was created so that my friends and I could have a easy way to build custom photo galleries and feeds from our accounts. Simple is key.

php, caching and the flickr api |

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Here's a simple example using PHP to access and cache requests to the Flickr API. This is the method I use for the flickr world map.