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h5o - Project Hosting on Google Code

"The current (Nov, 2009) HTML5 draft defines quite a precise algorithm, for producing an outline for HTML documents. h5o is an implementation of the algorithm in JavaScript."

Typecut :: Modules pour Firefox

"The Firebug plugin that extracts embedded (Typekit) font resources from websites and allows their separate download. "


Page Speed Home

Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on. Webmasters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.


Jiffy Firefox Extension - Documentation

The Jiffy Firefox Extension adds an additional panel to Firebug that provides a visual view of the Javascript time measurements captured by Jiffy-Web

Software is hard | Firecookie

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Firecookie is a an extension for Firebug that makes possible to view and manage cookies in your browser. Apart from all the other cookie managers and viewers available as Firefox extensions, this one is made as an extension for Firebug, so web developer h


Ajaxian » Fireclipse: Debug from FF straight into Eclipse

John J. Barton has released a new open source framework named Fireclipse that enables nice coupling of Firefox and Eclipse for debugging purposes, working on top of Firebug.

Debugging PHP With Firebug

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Logging PHP and JavaScript errors to same window makes debugging easier


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