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Shrunked Image Resizer :: Modules pour Firefox

"Shrunked crée une copie réduite de vos photos pour le courrier électronique et l'upload. Quand l'extension repère une image JPEG (une photo par exemple), elle vous demandera si vous souhaitez la réduire. "


Open IT Online | Introduction

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Open IT Online is a Firefox extension that allows to open and edit your documents from everywhere! You will be able to open several types of documents directly in Firefox without needing any software to be installed.


Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Screen grab! - All Releases

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Screengrab saves entire webpages as images. Just install it, make sure Java is configured (Java absolutely necessary), and right-click on a page. You can save the entire page as an image (it scrolls around the page taking shots and stitches it together), just the visible portion, or the browser window. For examples take a look at the homepage.