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High Performance Web Sites :: Frontend SPOF

"loading scripts and stylesheets in the typical way creates a frontend single point of failure that can bring down the entire site"

jQuery Lint – James Padolsey

"jQuery Lint is a simple script you can download and use with jQuery. It works over the top of jQuery and diligently reports errors and any incorrect usage of jQuery."



Forrester Research: Five Pitfalls To Avoid In Web Content Management Implementations

Web content management (WCM) initiatives remain complex, expensive, time-consuming projects with high failure rates. Why do enterprises continue to wrestle with these initiatives? Critical issues that surface repeatedly from failed project to failed project include a lack of business ownership, IT-driven — rather than user-driven — design, unnecessarily complex specifications, and poorly designed workflow. Five major mistakes to avoid: 1) complex implementations; 2) AWOL content contributors during the content design phase; 3) lack of system mastery by content contributors and template designers; 4) requirements that are too complex; and 5) an IT organization that is stuck in the middle of the content creation and publishing workflow.


Biggest Web Design Mistakes of 2005

Lucida font, Footer-only Navigation, sIFR Links, Inconsistent color coding, Designing for the gallery


Ajax Mistakes

by 16 others (via)
Ajax is also a dangerous technology for web developers, its power introduces a huge amount of UI problems as well as server side state problems and server load problems. I’ve compiled a list of the many mistakes developers using Ajax often make.

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