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Bulkr - Download Flickr photos in bulk (Mac, Windows

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"Easily download/backup your photostream, all of your sets, your favorites or photos from Flickr search."


flump - onairbustour - Google Code - Simple Flickr image downloader

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flump is a simple application that allows your to download all of the public photos for a specific Flickr account.


syncr by mike pulaski

Syncr is a desktop application that allows you to download and sync your photos with Flickr. You can also automatically sync a specified folder with Flickr and maintain your photo sets automatically. It's simple to use, free, and open source.

Malarkey Software - Software - Photo Grabbr

I keep track of a lot of Flickr accounts and every so often, I come across a photoset that's just so brilliant, I want to keep a local copy for myself.


MacApper » Sniper: iPhoto for Flickr

You love Flickr? Then Sniper is for you! Sniper lets you browse Flickr photos in a native OS X application. What are the advantages? Well, with Sniper, you can drag, drop, and copy pictures, then proceed to browse them in an intuitive scrollable view. It’s faster and a lot easier this way. You like a picture? You can import straight into iPhoto in one click or simply download it.

Fire Uploader

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As the name says, this firefox extension allows you to upload/download files from any website using a friendly interface. In this version, only (1GB of free space) & Flickr (photo sharing) are supported. Next versions would support other websites like Youtube, Google Videos, Yahoo photos etc.


Portable Flickr by cromo

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portable flickr is a utility that lets you download photos and photosets from your contacts or the user you want, from flickr


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Flickr Backup is a utility that allows you to download the pictures you have uploaded to Flickr back down to your computer for personal backup or restore.