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February 2007

Motif de conception - Wikipédia

En génie logiciel, un motif de conception (design pattern en anglais) est un concept destiné à résoudre les problèmes récurrents suivant le paradigme objet. En français on utilise aussi les termes modèle de conception ou patron de conception.

November 2006

The Habits of Highly Effective Web 2.0 Sites (Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog)

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design patterns and business models that seem to be powering the most successful Web sites and online companies today

July 2006

Five common PHP design patterns

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Design patterns are just for Java™ architects -- at least that's what you may have been led to believe. In fact, design patterns are useful for everyone. If these tools aren't exclusive to architecture astronauts, what are they, and why are they useful in PHP applications? This article explains.

Main Page - Patterns For PHP

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Patterns for PHP is a repository of Design Patterns implemented specifically for PHP. Tired of seeing Java implementations? Just want to see what Patterns are all about? Then come on in, browse, and if you wish, contribute to the growing number of Design Patterns with PHP centric descriptions and examples.

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