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Symfony expliqué à ma maman, 1ère partie : qu’est-ce qu’un framework ?

« On se résume : côté pile, le framework est un cadre structurant, côté face, le framework est un outil facilitant le travail. Finalement, on avait bien raison de garder le mot anglais. »

jQuery UI Development

Identification des contrôles d'interface les plus courants disponibles dans jQuery, jQuery UI et des plugins jQuery


Matt Legend Gemmell – Cocoa Source Code

This page contains some of my Cocoa/Objective-C source code for fellow Mac OS X developers.


ASP.NET Server Controls - ComponentArt Products

Web.UI combines ComponentArt's unique rendering technology with the power of AJAX to deliver the most advanced set of user interface controls available for ASP.NET.

Slider (WebFX)

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Sliders are useful controls for choosing a value in a range of values. Common uses are volume controls, seekers for movie and sound files as well as color pickers. A few people have asked for an update to the old Slidebar component to make it work in Mozilla and work better in IE. But since the original control was very basic and was not very usable I decided to create a new one.

Clemens Vasters - Services vs. Components

La différence entre un composant et un service

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