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Download ComparePSD - compare Photoshop PSD files layer-by-layer - PixelNovel

"ComparePSD compares two Adobe Photoshop PSD files for you and highlights the differences. Layer by layer. Effect by effect. Simple"


MOSS 2007 vs. WSS - Sharepoint version comparison

The most basic difference between the two solutions is the upfront investment. In short, WSS is free to most companies whereas MOSS requires a minimum of software purchases and sometimes requires a hardware purchase. Annotated link

Canon 7D – Quick Initial Impressions and Comparison to 5D Mark II « Trent Chau : Photography

"Where the 5D Mark II is a slow, methodical camera that produces amazing image quality, the 7d is it’s spunky little brother that works twice as fast and while the images aren’t exactly the same quality as it’s bigger brother, those images still look pretty damn good. "


Comparatif garage auto

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L'objectif principal de ce site est de guider les automobilistes vers une enseigne grâce aux témoignages d'autres automobilistes internautes.

3G iPhone's Mediocre Battery Life Still Beats Rivals

Certains - jaloux ? - se plaignent que la batterie de l'iPhone 3G ne dure pas bien longtemps, mais ont-ils comparé avec les concurrents offrant les mêmes fonctionnalités ? PC World l'a fait.

O'Reilly Network -- Stewart Butterfield on Flickr

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I think we had one person inquire about using the SOAP version of the API. I don't know if any apps were actually built. There is at least one application built on XML-RPC. But all the others--I don't even know how many there are--are built on the REST AP


Choix d'un écran plat Full HD entre 46" et 52" »

Je me lance dans l'étude du marché pour m'acheter prochainement une nouvelle télé...


Home - OpenBRR

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Business Readiness Rating™ (BRR) is being proposed as a new standard model for rating open source software.

Comparing XSLT and XQuery

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XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 have been developed by two Working Groups in close collaboration, and there is a high degree of overlap in the functionality of the two languages. They share many common concepts, such as the underlying data model, and they both include the whole of XPath 2.0 as a sublanguage, together with its extensive repertoire of data types and the associated function library.

Google Analytics vs AWStats

Now that I’ve had a full month worth of statistics from Google Analytics, it’s time to compare the numbers and see where they’re aligned and where they’re not (and by how much).


WikiMatrix / Wiki Feature Comparison - Compare them all

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Welcome to the brand new, your number one source to find the Wiki engine that matches your or your company's needs.

Dark City Vs Matrix

Comparaison de plusieurs plans entre Dark City et Matrix, stupéfiant !