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February 2007

Frontpage - umbraco cms, open source ASP.NET Content Management System written in C#

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For the first time on the Microsoft platform a free user and developer friendly cms that makes it quick and easy to create websites - or a breeze to build complex web applications

[News] Umbraco, un CMS Open Source simple pour de petits besoins :: :: Architecture .NET (DotNet)

Umbraco est un outil de gestion de contenu ASP.NET dont le slogan est "simple beau et efficace". Sans prétentions, il s'adresse à un public plutôt "non initié" sous licence Open Source : "All content in umbraco is under version control and the publishing routines are so fast, your coffee machine will wonder why you don't come by any more. Content can be edited in an editor made for web publishing; it renders standard compliant html and lets you format your text using css

June 2006

Faut-il que j’abandonne SPIP pour DotClear ? - Gastero Prod - Nicolas Hoizey

Frustré de ne toujours pas avoir de trackbacks sur Gastero Prod, mais aussi surtout de pingbacks automatiques, je me suis lancé dans une petite étude rapide de DotClear, afin de voir si un changement d’outil pourrait réduire ma frustration. Je n’arrêtais pas de repousser cette étude en me disant qu’il fallait mieux que j’attende ce fabuleux DotClear 2.0 que tout le monde attend, mais j’en ai marre d’attendre cette arlésienne...

Forrester Research: Drupal's Blogging Platform Integrates Community And Publishing

Drupal provides an open source solution for integrating blogging into an overall community or content site. That integration allows authors to take traditional blog publishing tools and extend them into discussion boards, wikis, and traditional Web pages. Drupal's biggest disadvantage is that its interfaces are difficult to configure and use, although there is a large user community supporting the platform.

Magnolia and OpenWFE alliance

Magnolia Organization and the OpenWFE Group today announce a strategic alliance. The goal of the alliance is to bring Magnolia's renown ease-of-use to the OpenWFE Workflow Environment, supply Magnolia with outstanding workflow capabilities, and provide professional support for the OpenWFE Workflow Environment.

September 2005

Joomla! - Main

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Joomla! is one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. It is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla! is easy to install, simple to manage, and reliable

June 2005 : comments on ezPublish: slow and crufty

ezPublish has exactly the right idea. It is Inklog in every shape and fashion. It does exactly what I want to do. It's perfect... in theory. In practice, however, it's not so good.

February 2005

LinuxWorld - Product Excellence Awards

Deux récompenses pour Mambo : Best Open Source Solution: Mambo: Mambo 4.5.1a Best of Show: Mambo: Mambo 4.5.1a