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MagiCal | Software | Charcoal Design

"MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in conjunction with, or as a replacement for the built in system menu clock."


Google hCalendar @ Make Data Make Sense

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Google hCalendar, a Firefox Greasemonkey script, automatically identifies hCalendar microformat events and inserts buttons to add such events to Google Calendar.


jQuery UI Datepicker

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A date picker can easily be added to an input field with default settings.

2006 jQuery date picker

This jQuery plugin allows you to easily add “date picker” calendars to you HTML forms. These calendars make it much quicker, easier and less error prone for people to input certain types of dates

Welcome to Scrybe

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ScrybeTM is a groundbreaking online organizer that caters to today´s lifestyle in a cohesive and intuitive way. Simple solutions for some age old problems.

TNPI - Do it Yourself .mac

Many of the reasons I do not find .mac useful are the same reasons I encourage others to use it. My needs are different than the average computer user. This is not an "I hate .mac" article but rather an explanation of the motivation and methods I used to provide myself with comparable services that are more usable for me. I publish it so that others may benefit from what I have learned.


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MonoCalendar is an application designed for easy management of calendars. The idea is to try to make a program like iCal that works in other platforms besides the Mac.



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Cosmo is a calendar server. With your favorite calendar program (Chandler, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, or any other WebDAV or CalDAV enabled client), you can share your calendar with other people by publishing it to Cosmo. Once your calendar is stored on the server, you can give permission for others to subscribe to it, and even modify it if their calendar client allows.

Est-il utile de mettre à disposition des archives par date de publication ? - Gastero Prod

Si je veux rechercher sur un site un contenu que j’avais repéré précédemment, j’ai plutôt tendance à chercher sur des termes utilisés dans ce contenu plutôt que sur sa date de publication, qui m’a dans la plupart des cas de toute façon échappé.

Comparaison d'outils de gestion d'agenda

Here are five options for calendars - Outlook, Sunbird, Yahoo, MSWorks, and Palm - in order of recommendation

RSS And Calendar Integration - Home Of Shital Shah

This essay reviews several efforts made to represent calendar information, ways to publish and subscribe event listing and efforts that have been made towards extending RSS for this purpose. It points out difficulties in implementing the standards and proposes a solution. Home

by 50 others (via) is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter in the events you're attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog.