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META Refresh Nullifies Caching for IE6 and IE7 « Lickity Split

"When a site uses a <META> refresh tag to send the visitor to a URL, IE6 and IE7 treat that as if the user had clicked the “Refresh” or “Reload” button on the browser."


Drupal et mySQL sont sur un serveur...

C'est surtout pour ça que je suis fan de SPIP : « contrairement au discours ambiant qui tend à proclamer que hors Drupal plus de salut, et que SPIP est mort, ce dernier fait mieux qu’agoniser. En mutant et en évoluant à sa façon il a su proposer des solutions techniques alternatives intéressantes qui permettent d’aller très loin avec moins de technicité apparente. »


How To Optimize Your Site With HTTP Caching | BetterExplained

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Caching is a great example of the ubiquitous time-space tradeoff in programming. You can save time by using space to store results. Fewer downloads means a faster, happier site.

Google Code Blog: How we improved performance on Google Code

If you're a frequent visitor to for product updates and reference materials for Google APIs you're working with, you might have noticed that the page loading time (or page rendering time depending on how you see it) has reduced in varying


htaccess Caching

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This article shows 2 awesome ways to implement caching on your website using Apache .htaccess (httpd.conf) files on the Apache Web Server. Both methods are extremely simple to set up and will dramatically speed up your site!

Free printable cardboard lens hoods

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This site contains PDF documents that can be printed and cut out to make lens hoods for a variety of 35mm and digital SLR camera lenses. Lens hoods give better quality photographs by reducing flare caused by nonimageforming light.



Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

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A Web cache sits between one or more Web servers (also known as origin servers) and a client or many clients, and watches requests come by, saving copies of the responses — like HTML pages, images and files (collectively known as representations) — for itself. Then, if there is another request for the same URL, it can use the response that it has, instead of asking the origin server for it again.

php, caching and the flickr api |

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Here's a simple example using PHP to access and cache requests to the Flickr API. This is the method I use for the flickr world map.