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BumpTop 3D desktop enhancement: Organize, customize, be productive

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"BumpTop™ is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better. Now with awesome mouse and multi-touch gestures!"


Donelleschi Software :: Sticky Windows (New) :: Features

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Sticky Windows is an application for Mac OS X Tiger which extends the tab browsing experience to the Desktop. Sticky Windows shrinks your windows into tabs when you drag a window towards the edge of your screen, providing you with a clutter-free workspace

SparkAngels : le premier service d'entraide numérique

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SparkAngels est un service d'entraide numérique qui va vous permettre d'inviter l'un de vos proches ou ami(e)s à partager votre écran et éventuellement votre souris et clavier pour vous faire accompagner efficacement à distance et en toute sécurité, dans votre propre environnement informatique.


IT|Redux » Office 2.0

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use a generic web browser and a set of online services to provide all the functionality needed by a computer user, removing the need for any application to be installed on the computer itself. I call it Office 2.0.

BumpTop Prototype -

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BumpTop aims to enrich the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques found in the real world.


Windows vs Linux: a modern desktop comparison :: Open Source Versus :: Open Source Versus Proprietary Software

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We've put together a series of Windows XP, SUSE 9.3 and Ubuntu 5.04 desktop screen shots as a side-by-side comparison of some of the common desktop features available in the modern operating system desktop.

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