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h5o - Project Hosting on Google Code

"The current (Nov, 2009) HTML5 draft defines quite a precise algorithm, for producing an outline for HTML documents. h5o is an implementation of the algorithm in JavaScript."

Unicons - Readme

"For times when you can't insert images into your posts, you can insert Unicons!"


Better, Stronger, Safer jQuerify Bookmarklet » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials

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"when you're on a page in which you want to play around with jQuery in the console, just click the bookmarklet."

Installer la bookmarklet Diigo sur votre iPhone

« il [est] possible d’installer, et d’utiliser, la Diigolet sur iPhone exactement comme sur un Safari desktop »

slayeroffice | tools | Mouseover DOM Inspector v2.0 Help

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The Mouseover DOM Inspector, or MODI for short, is a favelet (also known as a bookmarklet) that allows you to view and manipulate the DOM of a web page simply by mousing around the document.


Jesse Ruderman » Bookmarklets to User Scripts

Bookmarklets to User Scripts is a Greasemonkey script that lets you turn any bookmarklet into a Greasemonkey script. If you find yourself using certain bookmarklets every time you go to certain pages, this script is for you.

Microformats Bookmarklet › Left Logic

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Click on the bookmarklet once it has been saved, to bring up an overlay window of all the hCards and hCalendars within the current page.


XRAY :: for web developers

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XRAY is a bookmarklet for Safari, Firefox, Camino or Mozilla. Use it to see the box model for any element.

Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

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Borrowing the tags and descriptions shared by other users, Lazy Sheep makes tagging a page a one-click operation



flickRate tools

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Bookmarklet et script greasemonkey

Code Snippets: "next gen" bookmarklet [javascript] [bookmarklet]

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With this code, create "next generation" bookmarklets. The good points are that : - the code is remotely loaded (so updatable and more simply testable) - you have no length limitation - you can dispatch the code in various libaries

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