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Xmarks Sync va fermer

J'utilise Xmarks Sync pour synchroniser mes favoris sur plusieurs machines, et les navigateurs Firefox, Safari et Chromium, sa disparition va m'obliger à trouver une alternative.


Twitmark – Social bookmarking 140 characters at a time

by 1 other is a social bookmarking service which fetches links sent on Twitter by you and your friends, bookmarks them and republishes them to your favourite bookmarking service.

Vos bookmarks Foxmark sur votre iPhone

Links in a Blink est une application iPhone gratuite permettant de télécharger vos marque-pages associés à votre compte Google ou Foxmark.


delicious blog » Firefox 3,, and you

Firefox 3 users, rejoice! Today I’m pleased to announce a beta release of an enhanced version of our Firefox Add-on for that now has full Firefox 3 support


Lazy Sheep Bookmarklet

by 24 others
Borrowing the tags and descriptions shared by other users, Lazy Sheep makes tagging a page a one-click operation

Malarkey Software - Software - dead.licious

by 3 others
dead.licious is a tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your, ma.gnolia, or Simpy accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing or fixing those dead links.

Simpy | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation

by 3 others
Adds social bookmarking capabilities with tags and notes to Firefox. Powered by


Omea Reader: Free Atom feed and RSS Reader, newsgroup reader, and webpage manager

by 1 other
Omea Reader is an easy to use, all-in-one RSS reader, NNTP news reader, and web bookmark manager. It's fast, it aggregates, you can organize your information with it, and what really makes it unique are the additional features: lightning-fast searches, flexible filing, contextual access, and extensibility.

Kevin Lynch: Making Rich Internet Apps Web-Friendly

by 1 other (via)
Modifier l'URL courante depuis un flash permet à l'utilisateur de faire un bookmark

Gataga - Social bookmark search and exploration engine

by 12 others
Gataga searches bookmarks from, blogmarks, blinklist, jots, spurl, furl, simpy and connotea

Towards tag-based bookmark management in web browsers? (

by 3 others (via)
So since playing with Flickr and working on a little fun project at work on (cough) folksonomies with Mr Webb, I've become obsessed with tags and the ways in which they can be used to build better navigational interfaces. Currently I'm interested in how we might use tags for better folder-less bookmark management in web browsers.

Vimeo - Automatic Movies

by 54 others (via)
Welcome to Vimeo! This is a site for organizing and sharing your video clips. Vimeo also makes it easy to watch your friends' video clips, or to view clips that have common subject matter.


by 23 others (via)
A competitor for Blogmarks!

Pluck: Your Personal Web Information Center with RSS reader, bookmark manager, and publisher

by 20 others
everything you do and save in Pluck - RSS feeds, blogs, bookmarks, folders - is always available from any PC or browser.

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