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January 2007

Reference Architecture: The best of best practices

A reference architecture is a resource containing a consistent set of architectural best practices for use by all the teams in your organization. This article describes the benefits of using reference architectures and describes how to create, use, and maintain them.

July 2006

SOA Best Practices: The BPEL Cookbook

Learn advanced BPEL concepts and best practices for development, deployment, and administration from the architects implementing them in real-world applications.

November 2005

Dog Food

"Eating your own dog food" is a metaphor for a programmer who uses the system he or she is working on. Is it yet functional enough for real work? Would you trust it not to crash and lose your data? Does it have rough edges that scour your hand every time you use a particular feature? Would you use it yourself by choice?

Particletree · The Hows and Whys of Degradable Ajax

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we decided that we wanted to create a flawless user experience for all users without having to sacrifice the added user interface benefits provided by Ajax goodness

August 2005

Rockford Lhotka - Should all apps be n-tier?

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There’s a huge difference between logical tiers and physical tiers. Personally I typically refer to logical tiers as layers and physical tiers as tiers to avoid confusion.

July 2005

Little Nybbles of Development Wisdom

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Software is more an art or skill than a science or engineering discipline. The most effective means of becoming a great programmer is through an apprenticeship (even if self-directed). There is no substitute for coding a big system that evolves over time. It seems to take about 2 to 3 years before somebody absorbs the important lessons.

Thinking and Making

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Recent interest in rich, asynchronous, web applications drove many designers and developers to quickly implement javascript widgets to a wide variety of web applications. While the excitement has fueled inspired innovations, the race has left behind several emerging best practices for using javascript.

June 2005

Wait till I come! » Six JavaScript features we do not need any longer

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It is a tool, much like a shovel, a screwdriver or a towel. While a towel is handy in every situation, as every HHGTTG reader knows, JavaScript has its place and its merits, but also its limitations and places it shouldn’t be applied to.

May 2005

March 2005

February 2005

Boxes and Arrows: Site Diagrams: Mapping an Information Space

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“To successfully communicate the characteristics of an information space, I needed an approach for creating easily understood diagrams. To be useful to my audience, the diagrams must communicate the “big picture” of the website to stakeholders, while providing enough detail to be useful for the development team.”