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There's a handy technique I picked up from Twisted Python that I like to call polite loops. Polite, because sharing resources in an environment like a browser takes tact. When you're at a party with an open bar, you don't hog the bartender's attention, downing pint after pint while he's force to wait on you to have your fill. You're polite; you get your Newkie Brown and walk away so someone else can order.

Architectural Options for Asynchronous Workflow

This article describes the benefits of asynchronous processing and discusses three possible ways to implement this type of workflow within your own systems.


OpenQueue - Home Page

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OpenQueue is an open protocol for publish-and-subscribe message queuing. This enables language-independent, loosely-coupled, asynchronous communications between applications running on different machines.


mnot’s Web log: Asynchrony: There Is No Spoon

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A single HTTP request/response is indeed synchronous, so that that level this argument holds. In the common case, one party (the server) can’t send messages to the other (the client) without receiving a corresponding request. However, there are a couple of easy ways to work around this.