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July 2007

iStat nano is a stunning system monitor widget with beautifully animated menus and transitions.

March 2007

Welcome to Netvibes' Developers Network

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UWA is the new Netvibes API. Through it, your Netvibes widgets will be available on every widget platforms or blog systems: Netvibes of course, but also Google IG, Apple Dashboard and many more...

January 2007

Yahoo! Widgets - Blog

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The world of Widgets has changed a lot since Konfabulator came along back in 2003, when it was the only option of its kind for developers. Since then, similar offerings have emerged from several places, including Apple, and tomorrow, Microsoft as part of Vista. It has grown to such a point that Newsweek is proclaiming 2007 as the Year of the Widget.

How to make your own Dashboard Widget with Dashcode - Download Squad

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Making your own Dashboard Widgets for Mac OS X is nothing new, but making your own Widgets using the Dashcode Developer Beta changes the entire process. Apple has taken the ease of use of Xcode and whittled it down to scale, providing all the tools necessary to quickly and easily develop your own Widgets.