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14 November 2007 12:00

14 November 2007 10:00

iPod Touch Tricks & Tips - iPod touch Fans forum

Through using your iPod Touch you invariably pick up little tricks to get things done quicker, or make life easier. Or maybe a cool unknown feature.

comparatif des convertisseurs vidéo - iPod touch Fans forum

une petite liste des convertisseurs vidéo et de leurs avantages et inconvénients

14 November 2007 09:00

Free iPod Touch Dock - The World's Biggest Show & Tell - tech, diy

All the parts you need come with the iPod and it is very easy to construct. Basically, you cut a hole in the box and put the dock adapter in the hole.

14 November 2007 08:00

Griffin Technology: iTrip Auto SmartScan

iTrip Auto plugs into the dock connector of your iPod and automatically optimizes output volume. Control speaker volume from your car stereo controls; you won't have to touch your iPod to adjust the volume level.

Griffin Technology: iClear

iClear's transparent and unobtrusive design protects the iPod with a tough, polycarbonate two-piece shell that is strong enough to take the daily abuse of active lifestyles.