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CloudFusion™ - Build awesome, cloud-based web applications in a fraction of the time!

"CloudFusion is a fast, easy-to-use toolkit for the world's most popular cloud computing services."

April 2010

Why there is no servlets in Play

"I think that the fundamental problem is that using the servlet API is the only way you can plug with the HTTP layer of a JEE server. Perhaps the java ecosystem needs something like Rack. I mean, a real low level and portable API to deal with HTTP. Not an half assed HTTP API built on some flawed architectural principles."

La Freebox pilotable grâce à une API

De belles perspectives de développement d'applications !

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Browserscope is a community-driven project for profiling web browsers. The goals are to foster innovation by tracking browser functionality and to be a resource for web developers.

October 2009

Changeset 14581 – SPIP – Trac

"debut d'api auth pour generaliser la possibilite de deleguer l'identification a un annuaire distant, et son implementation pour la methode 'spip' native"

September 2009

Ajouter des notes à Evernote avec Twitter

Excellent exemple d'utilisation de l'API Twitter pour alimenter facilement ses notes Evernote

July 2009 Flickr Scripts::Your Contact's Recent Faves

You have found the "Your Contact's Recent Faves" script on . This script will show you 10 randomly selected recently selected faves from your contacts. Flickr Scripts::Find your Contacts in Explore

You have found the "Find your contacts in Explore v.2.1" script on . This script will help you locate your contacts in Flickr's Explore feature.

June 2009

How to design an API: best practises, concepts, technical aspects - Piwik

Of course to design a good API you should have a look at existing APIs, and even use some of them

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Official Google Data APIs Blog: Bringing OpenID and OAuth Together

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The Hybrid Protocol is a result of the ongoing effort by the OpenID and OAuth communities to make these protocols more useful for users and websites. Google is working together with the OpenID community to standardize the new protocol as a formal OpenID extension.