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January 2010

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"jParallax turns a selected element into a 'window', or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts, in a parallaxy kind of way."

December 2009

June 2009

April 2009

Showcasing the CSS Parallax Effect: 12 1 Creative Usages [Update2] › Blog › » Matthias Kretschmann | Photography

I mean Parallax Scrolling which is a technique often used in good ol’ arcade and video games like Moon Patrol or Sonic the Hedgehog. In such 2D games parallax scrolling was used to create an illusion of three dimensional depth.

How to recreate Silverback’s parallax effect | Think Vitamin

Moving Sonic the Hedgehog to the right caused the foreground to move past the camera to the left faster than the background, creating a faux-3D view of Green Hill Zone. We can create a similar effect on a web page by fixing semi-transparent background images to different sides of the browser viewport, and at different horizontal percentage positions.

March 2009

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