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Daily Car Insurance

Insuring yourself to drive a car can be expensive, everyone wants to save money so here are a few options when it comes to getting car insurance

Have you had trouble getting a loan for a new car or maybe you have tried getting a higher purchase agreement but have been refused. Getting car finance with bad credit can be difficult but not impossible. There are companies that can finance your new car purchase and provide you with the necessary credit.

Rabbit Insurance

Discover how rabbit pet insurance can help you when it comes to covering the cost of vet bills.


How You Can Get a No Debit Card Payday Loan

If you need to borrow a small amount of cash in a hurry you can get payday loans. No debit card is needed with some lenders so if you want a payday loan and have no debit card then you are able to borrow money from one of the many lenders or brokers.

Make money from home

It is possible to make money from home whether you are looking for an evening job or something more permanent to launch your online career.

Typing jobs from home

There are many typing jobs from home you can do to earn some extra money to pay the bills or even make it your full time career.


The missing (text)link

The recent Page Rank updates and penalties for selling text links have left the market in a daze. What to Do? Well it looks like webmasters are having to make a choice, abide by Googles guidelines and use links that are not followed by Googlebot or go underground to sell links.

The funniest clips from the Simpsons

A collection of the funniest clips from the Simpsons.


Portable media player Review

Portable media player Review site. Protable media players are devices like mp3 players except thery also play video.

How to use feedburner to get free statistics for your RSS feed.

Find out how you can use the free Feedburner service to get statistics for your RSS feeds and also save your bandwidth.

How to Search MSN for RSS feeds

How you can search MSN to find RSS feeds.

Funny videos daily

Funny video clips for all the family. Start your day with a laugh .

Blogtagstic Blog Directory

A blog directory organized by tags. Submit your blog and search for blogs.

Learn how not to do reciprocal linking

Some advice and views on reciprocal linking, how to and how not to exchange links with other webmasters.

Domain speculation increases

According to a recent article domain name speculation to generate profits from pay-per-click are o the increase.

Effect of short term website neglect

What would happen if you didn’t update your site for nearly 2 weeks. I had an opportunity to find out.

Submit your RSS feed to the Google personalized homepage

If you are looking to promote your RSS feed then submitting your feed to the Google personalized homepage. At the moment it is still unclear whether or not this will actually provide any immediate benefits. Only time will tell, but I can see this as the start of a major move towards RSS on the part of Google.

Tips for choosing a domain name

If you are finding it hard to find a decent available domain name here are a few tips that could help.

New RSS directories

Some new RSS directories that you can submit your RSS feed to.

Adsense Notifier

If like me you check your Adsense account every 5 minutes then you need the Firefox extension by Allen Holman. Adsense Notifier checks your adsense account at intervals you specify and displays the information in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Domain name shortage

No need to panic, there isn't actually a shortage of domain names. Well at least not in the sense that there is an almost infinite combination of 65 character domain names that can be created.

Clickbank as a tag cloud

The Clickbank marketplace represented as a tag cloud.

Domain squatting explained

The one thing that annoys me most about the topic of domain names is when trying to find a domain name for a new site only to find most of the names I come up with are already taken. Even more annoying is that these names are not being used for a site that relates to the domain name.

Why you should use CSS

It seems more and more webmasters are using CSS for the design and layout of their sites rather than depending on tables and HTML mark up. As well as being more efficient in terms of page size and reusing CSS templates many webmasters believe that it also contributes towards search engine friendliness.

hyphenated domain names

There is a lot of confusion about the use of hyphens being used in domain names. While researching hyphenated domain names I found a lot of conflicting information so I will give you a distilled view of what is currently believed to be the facts regarding hyphens in domains.

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