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Demetrious Johnson still interested in T.J. Dillashaw superfight, but not the UFC bantamweight belt

Most of the talk about a proposed superfight between UFC bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw and flyweight titleholder T.J. Dillashaw has centered on the idea that Dillashaw would go down to 125 pounds and challenge the longest-reigning current UFC champ for his title.



CHESS is a unique mind game with strategies to win between two players. We can say that this is the game for genius and no one would differ from this view. And playing chess with a Chess clock is further more enjoyable and challenging as well. We can use various types of game clock for the purpose. But what if we can have all game style in one electronic chess clock? Won't it be really really wonderful? That is what this project deals with... A chess clock with multiple game modes, designed using single microcontroller Atmega32A and single 16x2 LCD basically. It has many game modes such as blitz mode of 3 minute game with 2 seconds increment for each move, 5 minute game with 3 seconds increment for each move, 45 minutes game mode, custom game mode with common time and increment for the players, custom game mode with different time and increment for the players, custom hourglass mode. Programmed in C programming through Atmel Studio platform and tested on Proteus platform. If anyone's interested in this project and requires help, program code, simulation files, etc. feel free to mail me at with the title as subject line.


Pencil sketching is form of raw art of which nobody can keep one’s concerns away. Yes, we all love sketches. And we love to see more and more of this art form. Fatima Khan is one of wonderful drawing artists professionally and she has been showing her talents in the field of pencil sketch art form since few years from now. Entflame and the artist herself have come together to share this art form to the world through this website connecting to the people at every corner of this world. So, what more do we need? Let’s enjoy the art form and lets feel free to share and grow. Share this entry



челки модные 2009

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