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April 2007

Exact Alignment of Background Images and Text

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The distance between each alignment point and the top of the DIV is now equal to the height of the image plus the baseline offset. We can increase/reduce the text-size and the alignment will remain correct.

March 2007

Gift Basket Gourmet Or Food

posted by for Gift Basket Gourmet Or Food at Monday, January 8, 2007 of Gift Basket Gourmet Or Food

Unfortunately the jdeveloper plugin generates a project compiler configuration that seems to be incompatible with the behaviour of the JDeveloper business components wizard. It quite easy to fix but it resulted in our own (temporary) fork of the plugin. W

Baked Apples - Stuffed With Candy Bars - The Virtual Weber Bullet

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Cut off the top of the apple, just enough to flatten it. Using a teaspoon or melon baller, scoop out the stem and seeds to within 1/2" of the bottom, leaving the bottom intact, creating a hole for filling. Peel the top 2/3 of the

February 2007

Populist Party - No More Due Process In Ohio?

In addition, this law would allow an offender or predator, who has not been caught yet, to say another is an offender.

Orangette: The best thing since Brussels sprouts

P.S. California Money Musings, I am clearly not at my best today! Yikes. I just reread your comment, and I now see that you were referring to our recent weather in Seattle (not San Francisco!), which was indeed harrowing. We fared quite well in our little

AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design

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Give users some breathing room. Users learn quickly and gain a fast sense of mastery when they are placed "in charge." Paradoxically, however, people do not feel free in the absence of all boundaries (Yallum, 1980). A little child will cry equal

According to a study of the New York State Psychiatric Institute moderate/intermittent cannabis users were more successful than other patients in abstaining from cocaine use in a sample of 92 cocaine dependent patients diagnosed with current ADHD (att

James Kim Body Found - DL.TV

He is a modern day hero giving his live to try and save his family his actions define bravary

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