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April 2007

March 2007

Baked Apples - Stuffed With Candy Bars - The Virtual Weber Bullet

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Cut off the top of the apple, just enough to flatten it. Using a teaspoon or melon baller, scoop out the stem and seeds to within 1/2" of the bottom, leaving the bottom intact, creating a hole for filling. Peel the top 2/3 of the

The Japanese Super Safe Wii Safety Manual - Kotaku

I am at this point reminded of the Japanese DS lite manual. They specifically warn you not to cook your DS lite in the microwave. A conventional oven however was not mentioned.

February 2007

Orangette: The best thing since Brussels sprouts

P.S. California Money Musings, I am clearly not at my best today! Yikes. I just reread your comment, and I now see that you were referring to our recent weather in Seattle (not San Francisco!), which was indeed harrowing. We fared quite well in our little

AskTog: First Principles of Interaction Design

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Give users some breathing room. Users learn quickly and gain a fast sense of mastery when they are placed "in charge." Paradoxically, however, people do not feel free in the absence of all boundaries (Yallum, 1980). A little child will cry equal

Advice for students: Twenty uses for a Post-it Note -

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Get 294 issues of The Wall Street Journal for ONLY $.67 per issue Get Free Subscription on Magazines

January 2007

Buying A House After Bankruptcy Or With Bad Credit | Buy A House With No Money Down

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Save this page to: BlinkList Digg it Furl ma.gnolia RawSugar Shadows Simpy Spurl Yahoo MyWeb RSS Buttons from Marketing Blog

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#6: Check What the Zoom Really Means Advertised digital camera zoom levels may not just be optical zoom.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech Audio/Video Download

This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.

LinkTiger :: Home : Find broken links on your website with our free online link validation service featuring rich reports and e-mail notification

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Dashboard & Reporting Get a quick overview of the status of your website(s) with a professional dashboard and drill down to more detailed information with canned reports or create rich custom rep

SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie5

SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie5

Healthbolt » What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now?

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- How much nutrients are supposedly removed from your body? 1%? 99%? - How much water is supposedly washed out of your body? 1%? 99?

Online file conversion with Zamzar - Lifehacker

I wish they had this available for download, so you could convert whatever you want. Cool find, though.

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