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Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier by Code Factory | Wireless from AT&T, formerly Cingular

Mobile Speak and Mobile Magnifier by Code Factory Mobile applications for those who have low vision or are blind



mobile codeatron | 1.04 | pukupi

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U, Docomo and Vodafone in Japan include the ability to read QR codes and all operators have developed specifications for embedding phone book entries, email messages, and so forth within QR code. The Mobile Codeatron generates AU, Docomo and Vodafone compatible QR codes including a hybrid format that will work with all operators. If you are feeling brave, it also includes the option to format your text yourself. Most fields are optional and you only need fill fields in the sections you want to use in your QR code. Mobiles only support QR codes up to version 10 so if you intend to include all sections in your QR code, you may need to be frugal with phone book note and mail message fields. If you use the hybrid format, you will probably need to limit yourself to just one section. You will receive a warning if your data exceeds the maximum supported QR code version. You can learn more about QR codes and what you can do with them in my blog. Format