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10 Tools for Evaluating Web Design Accessibility

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irefox Accessibility Extension is a Firefox toolbar that allows you to inspect every aspect of a web page to determine its accessibility. A helpful toolbar feature is the Text Equivalents menu which allows you to generate lists of elements su

White Papers and Presentations

The emergence of the World Wide Web has made it possible for individuals with appropriate computer and telecommunications equipment to interact as never before. An explosion of next-generation information systems are flooding the commercial market. This cyberspace convergence of data, computers, networks, and multimedia presents exciting challenges to interface designers. However, this "new technology frontier" has also created enormous roadblocks and barriers for people with disabilities. This panel will discuss specific issues, suggest potential solutions and solicit contributions required to design an accessible Web interface that includes people with disabilities.


George Orwell sur le langage clair - Référencement, Design et Cie

N'utilisez jamais une métaphore, comparaison, ou autre figure de rhétorique que vous avez l'habitude de voir. N'utilisez jamais un long mot quand un court convient. S'il est possible de supprimer un mot, supprimez le toujours. N'utilisez jamais le passif si vous pouvez utiliser l'actif. N'utilisez jamais une expression étrangère, un mot scientifique, ou un mot de jargon si vous pouvez penser à un équivalent courant.