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16 July 2006

More Hip Than Hippie

A Fun podcast. Similar to a talk show. It's awesome. I love it.

A Funny Podcast About A Sad Girl. | Hope Is Emo

From the same guys of Ask A Ninja ( She's always sad, and always sobbing. Tis funny.

13 July 2006


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Best of Craiglist. Rather funny lists and letters.

29 June 2006

Dane Cook

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Dude, he can flick cashews off his penis!! That's awesome!! Sick/Gross, but awesome ;)

Hump Map

People tell their strange and funny sexual encounters, and (I presume) where they take place.

28 June 2006

Eric Conveys an Emotion

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Hilarious site. You send in your requests for seeing Eric in some mood, and he'll make a hilarious picture of it. It's great, really, it is. Outrageous. You'll howl with laughter.


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Share videos of you and your friends with other people. (Heather Armstrong)

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Dooce is bloody hilarious, I love reading her. She's always good for a laugh. I love her outrageous humour.