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The Geeks of 3D

3D information blog. Lots of information about 3D


Cd3D Engine

Ca3D Engine is another 3D engine.

Arkham Development 3D Engine

Arkham 3D engine. Another 3D engine that written in OpenGL



A good CG link

C4 Engine

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Anoher $100 open source game engine which similiar to Torque Engine. Pretty impressive engine


A place where you can download a lot of 3D character for game

LTE Studios

First Homebrew PSP game engine

Developer Image Exchange

Contains a lot homebrew game developer 3D Engine, tools, program screenshots.



Another 3d max plug-in exporter. Lower level and provide more control than ease import/export

Gugila - GroundWiz

Procedural 3d terrain map for 3ds max

OGRE - Open Source Real Time 3D rendering engine

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OGRE v1.0 [Azathoth] represents the culmination of 4 years of continuous development, resulting in what is now regarded by many as the leading open source real time 3D rendering engine

NVidia Developer Website

Developer website for NVidia - Contains some hardware information about how DirectX interacts with the Video Card

Contains a lot of 3DMax scripts to download

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