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April 2007

Self-pity is addictive. Although logically it sounds painful to cry and whine about your problem (whether it is completely imaginary or completely legitimate) the exact opposite is true. Self-pity feels soothing and comforting. Like a drug it courses t

March 2007

Although this process inevitably lowers my posting frequency, whenever I encounter a potential idea to blog about I always ask myself whether I feel it is suitably original. If the same idea has already been expressed, then I move on to another idea. Th

Golf Swing Speed What Most Amateurs Need To Become Professionals

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What Actually Is A Perfect Golf SwingThe Perfect Golf Swing is Possible Even for Newcomers...what-actually-is-a-perfect-golf-swing.php

February 2007

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So ensuring that the mind is focused and free to think becomes a vital necessity for clear thinking. ‘Evaluating consequences’ comes in very handy and is quintessential when it comes to arriving upon a decision by thinking clearly. Evaluation of facts

VIDEO: Self-parking Lexus befuddles Automobile editors - Autoblog

Approved Car Finance provides car loans on a great range of used cars - get car finance whatever your credit rating!

Business Success Checklist. Where is YOUR Business?

The Psychology Of Success Music Business Success: Having Direction How To Succeed In The Poker Freerolls Part 2 10 Practical Suggestions For Fostering A Successful Website Business Success Checklist. Where Is YO

The user weight capacity indicates the quality of the elliptical. High quality machines will have higher user weight capacities. A higher user weight capacity (i.e. 300+ pounds) generally means a much more stable elliptical. This is essential if you wan

January 2007

Dumb, Dumb Brit Game Addiction Documentary - Kotaku

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I recall a program shown here in the UK at least 15 years ago commenting on "game addiction". Showed a young boy playing for a few hours at a time on super mario (NES).

Adam Eason, Hypnosis, NLP and Personal Development. Stop Smoking, Reduce weight - Do You Fancy a Hypnotic Take Away?

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I believe that it is extremely important to be truthful when delivering a message or wanting to sell and product or service, so I recommend that you never say something will meet a prospects needs - unless you genuinely believe it is so.

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