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06 April 2007 07:00

Cautious Y. enters 'situational' mode (Deseret Morning News)

Major physical operations are now complete for BYU's football team in spring drills as the Cougars will now focus on specific "situational" work heading into the Blue-White game scheduled a week from Saturday in LaVell Edwards Stadium. Tags: ...

Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Dating For Real!

According to a source close to Jake Gyllenhaal source, the pair - who were spotted (separately) leaving a New York City apartment building in early March - have been dating for about two months. On March 30, Reese Witherspoon stopped by ... Tags: Datin...

Music store owner, concert promoter accused of fraud, forgery (The Shreveport Times)

The owner of Garland's Super Sounds and a local concert promoter is arrested on bank fraud and forgery charges. Tags: Entertainment,Concert Ticket,Concerts Tags: Music,Entertainment,Concerts

A good time for friends: OHS classmates rally around Mitch Maxey (Onalaska Community Life)

About a month ago, Onalaska High School junior Mitch Maxey came home and told his mother hed just had the best day of his life. It might not have seemed like such a special day to any other teen, but to Mitch, who has struggled to regain a normal life ...

Spotlight Photographer– Luke Walker Photography

Before I got into wedding photography I spent some time trying to break into fashion photography in NYC. I also started doing some assisting with wedding photographers for extra money, and I started falling in love with weddings even ... Tags: Wedding ...

Highlights (Washington Post)

This afternoon, The Masters (USA Network at 4) continues with second-round play from Augusta, Ga. CBS highlights of the day's events air at 11:35 p.m. on WUSA (Channel 9). Tags: Urban Legends,Folklore,Urban Legend Tags: Urban Legends,Urban Myth,Folklore

S.C. smoking ban proposal would exempt some bars (Savannah Morning News)

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Smoking in indoor public places across South Carolina would be banned under a new plan that emerged Thursday from a state Senate panel that included a provision to exempt some bars so their patrons could light up. Tags: Cigarettes,Smok...

LE soccer squads play top teams tough, falter (The Little Elm Journal)

Not much has gone according to plan for Little Elm's soccer teams this season. Entering the inaugural campaign in the 4A classification, expectations, though guarded, were lofty. Both teams set their sights on the playoffs, which may have been unrealis...

06 April 2007 06:00 is building a community (The Arizona Republic) is creating a community of real estate consumers and vendors that is good for both, real estate expert Gregg Swann says. Tags: Business,Land,Real Estate Tags: Real Estate Software,Land,Business

A place for everyone (Corvallis Gazette-Times)

Downtown Corvallis is everybodys neighborhood. No matter what part of town you call home, chances are you find yourself coming downtown on a regular basis. Tags: Toys,Pocket Bikes,Bike Toys Tags: Pocket Bike,Bikes,Pocket Bikes

Pepper spray cause of evacuation at Tucker High School

This morning's hazmat scare at JR Tucker High School didn't just force an evacuation. More than a dozen students' fell ill -- their complaints severe enough for them to be transported to area hospitals. Officials confirm pepper spray is ... Tags: Defen...

Distorting Numbers in the Debate over Parental Controls

The Parents Television Council (PTC), a media activist group that routinely petitions Congress and the FCC for greater content regulation, recently released a new poll which they say proves that the V-Chip and parental control... Tags: Family,Children,...

New Regulatory Mechanism For Critical Protein Signaling Domain Identified (Science Daily)

In a study with far-reaching implications, scientists have for the first time identified a new in vivo regulatory mechanism for the PH Domain, a component of many proteins that allows them to move from a cell's interior to the cell membrane in response...

Night vision for security

by Barry Jenkins. Tags: Night Vision,Night Vision Glasses,See At Night Tags: Night Vision Glasses,See At Night,Night Vision Goggles

Northeast/Central weekly calendar (El Paso Times)

All calendar items are in El Paso unless otherwise stated. Alcoholics Anonymous, call for details. 562-4081, (505) 589-1058, 757-3327, 595-9940, and 838-6264 (Spanish). Tags: Model Toys,Toys,Collectors Tags: Toy,Collectors,Model Railroad

By Michelle Horst Special to The News-Post (The Frederick News-Post)

FREDERICK I think shed make a pretty cute gnome, Matt Thompson said, his words hanging in the air for a moment before he broke into laughter. Tags: Mmorpg,Game,Computer Games Tags: Mmorpg,Pc Games,Game

Remembering Darryl Stingley (WBUR Boston)

We remember Darryl Stingley, who died yesterday. A tackle ended the playing career of the former Patriots wide receiver but he emerged without bitterness and spent his life working to help others. Tags: Doctor,Medicine,Medical Education Tags: Medicine...

Las Vegas casino roller coaster leaves riders stalled (KTVN Reno)

LAS VEGAS A casino roller coaster blew a circuit and stalled today, leaving 16 people stranded 15 feet above the ground for about an hour. Tags: Travel,Las Vegas,Vacation Tags: Las Vegas Hotels,Las Vegas Hotel,Las Vegas

Teen Fashion Designer Dreams About Her Own Wedding Day (Benton Evening News)

(ARA) - It's no surprise that weddings are a serious business. They are, after all, a 25.3 billion industry. Tags: Gemstones,Jewels,Gold Tags: Silver,Gemstones,Jewels

Seven Well Designed Promotional Item Ideas For Your Brand

What you could do is very gingerly take apart the iPod packaging, pull out the iPod, and have it sent to be laser etched with a thank you note and your companys logo. Then, of course, put the iPod back just as youd found it once the ... Tags: Make Than...

Yahoo Patches Instant Messaging Flaw (BetaNews)

Yahoo this week disclosed a security vulnerability in its Messenger software, issuing a patch for those running versions dated before March 13. Yahoo has since released two updates to Messenger , and will begin prompting users to upgrade at sign-in. Ta...

06 April 2007 05:00

Fish wrap: Striped bass set to roar into San Pablo Bay (Marin Independent Journal)

THE BASS were biting at the Brothers this week, meaning it won't be long before they show up at all the usual bay haunts. Tags: Sea Food,Fresh Fish,Fish Food Tags: Fresh Fish,Fish,Gourmet Fish Food

More News (Gazette.Net)

Also, a Florida company this week announced it plans to build 250 vacation timeshare units at the development. Tags: Vacation,Florida,Florida Vacation Tags: Vacation,Florida Hotels,Florida

Full Gospel Businessmen plan April sessions in Charleston and Centralia (Journal Gazette & Times-Courier)

CHARLESTON The Full Gospel Businessmens Fellowship International, Coles County and Marion County chapters, are planning sessions in April in Charleston and Centralia. Tags: Employee,Employee Motivation Systems,Business Tags: Companies,Business,Employ...

Choosing TV Capture Method

Interested in what's available to record television digitally Learn about Set Top DVRs and PVRs, TiVO, DVD Recorders and PC TV. Which method is right for you Tags: Digital,Digital Recorders,Recorder Tags: Digital,Video Recorders,Recorder

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