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March 2007

Copywriting Beze slova

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Our offer of copywriting services

How To Virtually Guarantee Your Sales and Profits Will Suck

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Internet marketing method that is vital to prevent complete failure.

Web about copywriting

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Useful tutorials and good tips for copywriting

Web 2.0 Fracophone

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Une hubpage française sur le thème du Web 2.0 : définitions, applications, blogs, dérivés, ...

Dapper: The Data Mapper

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Dapper is a service that allows you to extract and use information from any website on the Internet. For those familiar with web services, you can think of Dapper as an API maker. For the rest of you, Dapper allows you to build web applications and mashups using data from any website without any programming.


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Tout le web 2.0, à classer, noter et commenter

Universality of the web widget

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a write-once run anywhere widget environment using an open-source widget runtime

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