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MonoDevelop installer for Windows

Ce n'est pour l'instant qu'une pré-version, mais elle semble déjà suffisamment stable pour mériter un petit essai.


Ubiquity Hosting

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Hébergeur Mono : ASP.NET 1.1 et 2.0


MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta

MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 1 (0.16) has been released. MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.


Get your AjaxPro Web Application running on Mono (for Linux Dummies)

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Tutorial for Windows users that are using the Mono VMware image on how to run their ASP.NET and AjaxPro applications on Mono.


helps prevent cross-site scripting attacks, a.k.a. XSS attacks, by validating untrusted HTML against an XML schema that does include elements, attributes, and values that can be used for cross-site scripting attacks.. Untrusted HTML typically comes from an untrusted user (e.g. in a form submission or an email). NeatHtml consists of the NeatHtml schema definition and a .NET assembly that can be used to validate HTML fragments against the schema. It is open source and works under Mono, .NET 1.1, and .NET 2.0.

Semantic Web/RDF Library for C#/.NET

The library can be used for reading and writing RDF, keeping RDF in persistent storage (memory, MySQL, etc.), and querying persistent storage via simple graph matching and SPARQL. SemWeb's API is straight-forward and flexible.


NProject is a software project and content management system mainly for the .NET Framework (and Mono). It integrates a Wiki, an issue management and reporting system, a dynamic project calendar and integration with CruiseControl.NET. It's inspired by Trac ( and other cool projects. It's based on Castle MonoRail, ActiveRecord? and Windsor projects ( But most important : it's fun and looks cool!

Bitrock MonoStack

Bitrock MonoStack allows you to quickly and easily run ASP.NET on Linux. MonoStack includes Apache, mod_mono and XSP and hooks up to your existing Mono installation. It saves you the time required to download, install and configure your own Mono ASP.NET development environment.

MONO: an alternative for the .NET framework

This article presents possibilities for development of .NET applications running on operating systems other than Windows, using the MONO platform. Advantages and challenges will be presented. Also presented are some common issues encountered while developing applications using the .NET technology.


Mono Directions

Miguel de Icaza presents the direction of development of the Mono team at Novell.


Upload de fichiers compatible IIS, XSP et Apache et qui écrit directement sur disque

DotNetOpenMail: an open source email library for

Envoyer des mails sans passer par Wystem.Web.Mail

Mono Live CD

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Pour tester le .Net Framework sous Linux etq quelques unes des application .Net / Mono (Tomboy, Beagle...)

Grasshopper Developer Zone

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Plug-in Visual Studio .NET® pour développer des applications ASP.NET sur les plateformes Linux / Java.


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Live CD Linux distribution with Mono, web server and MySQL

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