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A library that enable any ASP.NET website to produce and consume semantic markup such as FOAF, APML, SIOC, XFN and microformats.


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Instantly create a beautiful web resume today


ufXtract - Microformats Parser

ufXtract is a new microformats parser. It has been built from the ground up to take configuration objects which allow the parsing of different microformats or POSH patterns. The component also contains an extendable output format option.

vCard2hCard Converter Tool v.2.0

Sweet! A vcard to hcard converter!

Mapping-ufs-to-rdfa - DBWiki

show you how to translate semantics from Microformats to RDF using RDFa

ufperl - Microformat parser for Perl

Text::Microformat sports a very pluggable API, which allows not only new kinds of Microformats to be added, but also extension of the parser itself, to allow new parsing metaphors and source document encodings.


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The microformats transformer. Easily transform your microformatted content to nice, clean, easily digestible, XML, JSON or JSON-P. You can also easily set filters to only receive particular formats. Now your web site could really be your API with goodness of microformats and power of Optimus.

A project to help developers take advantage of microformat information stored on web pages. It is intended that this project be able to parse XHTML and return the data as business objects. The formats will be flexibly designed at the config level so as and when new formats or changes to existing formats occur the framework will no changes.

Microformats Zen Garden

A CSS Zen Garden ( for microformats is essential for popular adoption. Getting something that "looks cool" for "free" should be a key attraction for convincing authors to "steal" microformatted data and cut'n'paste it into their own sites, and for that matter, to reuse style sheets for microformatted data as well.

les microformateurs

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Les microformats expliqués en français. (vers un web “CHIC”).

The hCard Microformat

Présentation complète de hCard en utilisant S5

Planet Microformats

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Le titre dit tout :)


adaptive path » tagging vs. cataloging: what it's all about

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Tags have taken the internet by storm. Where once the question was “what are they,” now all people want to know is whether a given site offers them. But what are the actual benefits of tags? What motivates millions of Flickr, and blog users to add tags to their photos and posts? And what is it about tags and tagging that gets information architects and user experience professionals so excited?

Le W3C publie la première version de la spécification GRDDL

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GRDDL associe le Web sémantique et les microformats

RDFa vs microformats

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Une comparaison entre les deux formats de description des données.

hResume Creator

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This form is used to convert resume data into HTML code that you can copy-n-paste into a web page you have control over. Your resume data will be marked up using the hResume Microformat standard that is common to many resumes published today on the Web.


Microformats are designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging).

Microformats in .NET

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A set of .NET controls which will output Microformat controls (hCard and XFN)

Microformats Cheat Sheet

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This is a very early iteration of a microformats cheat sheet. It lists the properties by format and also lists each format and the hierarchy. This includes elemental microformats, compound microformats and some of the standard design patterns used.

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