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November 2008

Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses Game

Join Nancy Drew as she goes undercover to expose the truth behind the calamitous production of a cursed Hollywood remake! Join Nancy Drew in an exciting new production! A beleaguered movie studio is attempting to remake a classic film that cost its leading lady her life. Go undercover on the set to get to the bottom of suspicious press leaks and uncanny accidents that have put the production schedule in jeopardy. Is someone trying to sabotage the movie or is it the curse of the fallen starlet? Put your detective skills to the test with Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses today!

June 2008

Free Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Game Download at

Trail a wild pack of dogs rumored to have risen from the dead in this haunting Adventure mystery game! As Nancy Drew, track the history of Mike Malone, a notorious gangster who once lived in a lakeside cabin. Trail a mysterious pack of dogs rumored to have risen from the dead to protect their master's secrets. Decipher cryptic puzzles and dodge danger in this immersive Adventure mystery. You'll meet a variety of fascinating characters, all with something to hide. Can you unravel the secrets and expose the truth in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake?

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