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June 2008

Fashion Star Game | Free Fashion Star Game Download at

Take on the role of a freelance fashion stylist as you work for the hottest magazines in town. Hire models, buy clothes, assemble stunning outfits, and head for the photo shoot! Step into the cut-throat world of fashion design with Fashion Star. Take the role of an upstart, freelance fashion stylist, taking jobs as they come for the hottest magazines in town. Hire models, buy clothes, and head for the photo shoot! Just make sure you listen to what each magazine editor wants, or you'll be out on the street faster than you can say, "Auf Wiedersehen!"

Color Up: Wedding Scrapbook Game | Free Color Up: Wedding Scrapbook Game Download at

Find the photo lab bandit and help Fiona restore wrecked photos of her best friend's wedding in this creative Puzzle game! Fiona is a fledgling photographer who has captured and crafted a gorgeous wedding scrapbook for her best friend, Gwen. The bride is overjoyed until tragically, someone has broken into Fiona's studio and trashed the original snapshots. Help Fiona repaint and restore the gorgeous pictures. While you're at it, Fiona could use some help in the love department herself. Nab the color robbing culprit and help Fiona create new memories in ColorUp! Wedding Scrapbook.

June 2007

Free Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island game download - New Casual Photo Action Game!

Strap on your camera, grab your magic birdseed and take to the field with Snapshot, the amazing new action photography game!

March 2007

Cool landscape photo - View from Olhovaya Mount, Russia

Very nice picture! When you leave tent in the morning and you see such landscape it remains in memory for ever.

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