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February 2010

Geisha: The Secret Garden Download

Follow a Geisha on her dream journey through all four seasons! Help Natsumi create a zen garden for herself using your Match 3 skills and different styles of plants and decorations. Geisha: The Secret Garden is full of addicting gameplay, gorgeous characters, and all kinds of magic at your disposal! Complete each level to discover the beauty of Natsumi's Secret garden and bask in the natural beauty!

Magic Maze Game Download

Explore mysterious labyrinthine passages, sniffing out riches and mowing down the monsters that try to stop you from escaping! Magic Maze drops you into a dungeon with nothing but your trusty firearm and a nose for treasure. It's up to you to explore the labyrinthine passages, sniffing out riches and mowing down the monsters that try to get in your way.

August 2008

Azada: Ancient Magic Game

Experience a deeper magic in this sparkling sequel, brimming with more than 20 puzzle books of classic tales! Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls upon your courage and superior puzzle-solving skills to disarm the magical menace. Luckily, Titus has given you a magic medallion to call upon him when in need. Enter the lives of storybook characters in more than 20 magic puzzle books. Meet famous legends like King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Can you unveil the dark hidden secret in Azada: Ancient Magic?

July 2008

Mystery of Unicorn Castle Game

Help Jane learn her family's legacy and win the inheritance of an English castle by searching for hidden objects! Jane Morion always considered herself to be an ordinary girl. Then a letter from England arrived describing the inheritance of a family castle. Solve a looming mystery where dreams and magic intertwine. Explore rooms inside the castle while detecting hidden objects. Can you reveal the secrets of the manor's inhabitants and discover the Morion legacy? The Mystery of Unicorn Castle contains a dark spell thats haunted the family for centuries.

June 2008

Free Mystery Stories: Island of Hope Game Download at

As journalist Michelle Deanfield, you must solve the secret of the ancient Caribbean dream island in this Hidden Object adventure! Top New York journalist Michelle Deanfield is finally taking a much needed Caribbean vacation. Join her on the white sands amidst the magic of the Mayan culture, steeped in legend and divinity. Not to mention, a good-looking diving instructor in her view. Everything is rosy for Michelle, that is, until the curse strikes and a museum casket goes missing. The natives claim it's a curse from old spirits, but Michelle sets out to prove otherwise in this Hidden Object game. Will she uncover a network of lies in Mystery Stories: Island of Hope?

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