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02 July 2007

Free Jungo download game - New Match-30! Casual Game!

You've played match 3, now play match 30! Get ready for the spectacular experience of Mega Match( TM )! The evil vulture Vargas has unleashed a dark shadow spell over the land. Only Chase the Cheetah, with his quick cat reflexes and keen eye for color, can save his friends and restore peace and tranquility to the jungle. Harness the forces of nature and use powerful elemental spells in this epic jungle journey.

23 June 2007

Free Flowers Story download game - Play Now!

Save the flower fairy and restore the balance of nature by matching flowers in this cute match-3 adventure!

30 May 2007

Free Weather Master game download - New Casual Game!

Harness the power of nature to gather raindrops and make a rainbow in this cute puzzle game!