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February 2010

President's Day SALE This Weekend!

President's Day SALE This Weekend! - 30% off on all PC and Mac games! President's Day SALE This Weekend! - 30% off on all PC and Mac games!Use the coupon code "PREZSALE" (no quotes, of course) for the President's Day Sale on all games marked this text!The President's Day Sale runs throughout the weekend, to 11:59:59 p.m. PST on Monday, Feb. 15, 2010.The offer applies only to our English games and does not include Collector's Editions.

July 2008

June 2008

Free Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure Game Download at

Hunt for more than 1,000 hidden objects in six international hotspots with your entertaining host, Jerry Landers! Zoom in on exotic locations with your eye for Discovery! Rove around six international hotspots such as Spain, China, and Australia with your host, Jerry Landers, and the beautiful Jill Summers. Step up to the wheel and choose your daily adventure in this Hidden Object jaunt. Compete against 20 eagle-eyed contestants for a chance at the U.S. Roadtrip Jackpot Round. Stow away your passport and magnifying lens for a Discovery! A Seek

Color Up: Wedding Scrapbook Game | Free Color Up: Wedding Scrapbook Game Download at

Find the photo lab bandit and help Fiona restore wrecked photos of her best friend's wedding in this creative Puzzle game! Fiona is a fledgling photographer who has captured and crafted a gorgeous wedding scrapbook for her best friend, Gwen. The bride is overjoyed until tragically, someone has broken into Fiona's studio and trashed the original snapshots. Help Fiona repaint and restore the gorgeous pictures. While you're at it, Fiona could use some help in the love department herself. Nab the color robbing culprit and help Fiona create new memories in ColorUp! Wedding Scrapbook.

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