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November 2008

BC Kings Game Download at

BC Kings is a real-time strategy game set in prehistoric times, where Humans and Mutants fight epic battles for the final victory! Do you think you would have been a great war leader 10,000 years ago? Now is the time to prove it!Harvest, research and build your empire. Improve your heroes and command your army against the mutant hordes.Be part of an epic adventure, solve puzzles, and figure out some of the biggest mysteries of all time in BC Kings, the prehistoric real-time strategy game with a contemporary punch!

Lavender's Botanicals Game

Travel around the world in this strategy game and unlock new ingredients and recipes while keeping your production facilities stocked with resources to sell your products and earn money! Expand your all-natural personal care business in Lavender's Botanicals! Create the best personal care products and to sell them all over the world! Travel and meet people who will help you find new ingredients, recipes, production facilities, and sellers. Develop new products to keep up with the market and increase sales. If you keep true to your all-natural dream, you'll earn great rewards in this naturally fun strategy game!

July 2008

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