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03 September 2008

Free Spa Mania Download

Help Jade reach her dream of owning an earth friendly spa by servicing guests in this Time Management blitz! Jade is an animal rights activist petitioning the cosmetics industry. After being challenged by Madame Dubois, a beauty industry empress, Jade dreams of starting her own earth friendly spa. To do this, she must first learn the ropes and deliver 5-star service in San Francisco. Use your Time Management skills to please guests with massages, facials, mud masks, and more. Use profits for things like ginseng tea and other upgrades. Can you manage the Spa Mania and indulge needy patrons?

30 August 2008

Dress Up Rush Game

Build a name for Jane in the fashion biz by running a stylish clothing boutique in this Time Management venture! Imagine running your own fashion boutique with cozy chairs, hot coffee, and ambient music. Meet Jane, a savvy fashionista, determined to make a name for herself in the fashion biz. Start small and provide top-notch service to clients: then upgrade your boutique with more fitting rooms, a sleeker design, and a fat cash register. Sell the hottest collections and offer 130 distinct clothing options to customers. Can Jane manage the Dress Up Rush in this Time Management venture?

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